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The Past Shaping the Future Here at Lakes and Woods Museum Canadian History Journal, we believe that our past shapes our future. Our aim is to show the importance of our country’s diverse past and make people aware of the events, places, and people that have united Canadians over the years. The Beginning We donate some of our archives to the Archives of Manitoba and the Manitoba Museum, which...

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Canada’s History Of Cannabis

The debate about the status of cannabis as an illegal drug might seem never-ending. However, with progressive countries like CBD oil Canada legalizing the controversial plant, even the global business sector is seeing it in a different light. Canada’s CBD Oil perspective is not only influenced recently but it goes way back to the 19th century.
Cannabis In Canada During 19th Century
In 1801, Upper Canada’s Lieutenant Governor decided to distribute hemp seeds to local farmers in order to boost the industry. Later on in 1822, the provincial parliament …


Reasons for E-Cigarette Popularity in Canada

A report from the Heart and Stroke Foundation showed that the introduction of e-cigarettes to the Canadian market vape shop beloeil started in 2004. The 2018 Tobacco and Vaping Products Act (TVPA) endorsement boosted its popularity and performance twice higher.
Vaping is a less destructive delivery method of nicotine compared to smoking since it has no added chemicals and toxins common in conventional cigarettes. But the recent report indicates a rise of vaping-associated lung injuries and disorders in America.
Here’s why:

The enactment of the TVPA law gave adults a …



A recent research study conducted at the University of Waterloo by Professor David Hammond divulged that trendy and cool new juices coming out all the time caused smoking cases among the young adults 16 -19 years old have dramatically escalated from 2017 to 2018 by seventy-four percent even though great steps were adopted in reducing youth smoking.
What is the mystique of vape?
Vape devices were initially designed as a means to quit hard-core adult smokers from smoking and wean the nicotine habit. It was promoted as a healthier and …


Travel Again!

Summer is the perfect time for Canadians to travel again and see the nation’s beauty. A memorable trip should include trips to Canada’s different roadside attractions. Here are some roadside attractions as you take a trip on Canada’s highway.
The Earth’s Largest Dinosaur in Drumheller, Alberta
A 26-meter tall Tyrannosaurus rex that is found in Alberta’s badlands will without doubt captivate your mind. This enormous creature welcomes its visitors to take a step into its mouth to see the Red Deer valley.
The Huge Hockey Stick in Duncan, B.C.
Of course, you will find a gigantic hockey stick in Canada…


How To Dress For Summer In Canada?

Canada is located in the northern hemisphere of the American continent. Being a nation above the United States and closer to the North Pole, the climate is expected to be cold most of the time. Thats why the custom hoodies canada are a big thing there. However, Canada still has four seasons but their summer season is not as hot as the tropical countries.
Canada has a very large land area. It’s bigger than the United States and because of that, the western, central, and eastern regions, which is separated by a couple of time zones, have different versions of summer. Overall, it is…


The Little Mosque

The Little Mosque in Canada is not as great as the mosques in Turkey, Egypt, Cairo, Syria, or Damascus. However, for the Muslims in Canada, the Al Rashid Mosque has a story to tell. The mosque was the first to be established in Canada.
During the first census taken in Canada in 1871, there were about 13 Muslims known. They later came in large groups from Syria and Lebanon during the 19th and 20th centuries.
The Little Mosque is a 148 sq. m. is Mosque sitting in the Park of Fort Edmonton. According to Richard Asmet’s book “Canada’s First Mosque: The Al Rashid” Christian Arabs established the Christian community in …


Travel Tours Package in Northern Ontario

We offer a 5 days and 4 nights featuring a day travel by train from Toronto to Ontario on the very first day. This gives the traveler an opportunity to enjoy the region of Muskoka.
The package also includes daylight travels, two travels on Sudbury rails or via diesel cars for the traveler to enjoy the fall scenery and four comfortable nights in a hotel.
Additionally, the package features a tour in Sudbury and a visit to Dynamic Earth, Ontario’s Northern Railway Museum. The tour also features a trip to the White River where you will learn about “Winnie”, the famous cub in Northern Ontario.
The last day is spent …