Reasons for E-Cigarette Popularity in Canada

Reasons for E-Cigarette Popularity

A report from the Heart and Stroke Foundation showed that the introduction of e-cigarettes to the Canadian market vape shop beloeil started in 2004. The 2018 Tobacco and Vaping Products Act (TVPA) endorsement boosted its popularity and performance twice higher.

Vaping is a less destructive delivery method of nicotine compared to smoking since it has no added chemicals and toxins common in conventional cigarettes. But the recent report indicates a rise of vaping-associated lung injuries and disorders in America.

Here’s why:

  • The enactment of the TVPA law gave adults a chance to acquire vaping products with nicotine legally. This law replaced the Tobacco Act, which authorized how tobacco products were grown until they are sold.
  • The evolution of technology has resulted in the popularity of e-cigarette and vaping product consumption in Canada. Conventional smoking is a thing of the past, with some proof that it harms one’s body adversely hence the shift to vaping.
  • The availability of vape products with nicotine is extensive across the Canadian market, even before the 2018 TVPA regulations. The products have long been a favorite among most Canadian youths.
  • The Canadian government acknowledged that vaping products are in the market to stay. This resulted in its legalization and continuous popularity across Canada stores.
  • TVPA enactment was a way to help long-time smokers quit smoking once and for all. However, the way the product was regulated played a huge role in changing the user’s life.
  • The rise of young users resulted in an increased demand for vaping products flooding the Canadian market.
  • The popularity of vaping products was effective due to improved marketing methods. The social media marketing campaign played a huge role in introducing more flavored vaping products in Canada.
  • Vaping companies such as Juul came up with more improved and simpler ways of delivering vaping products to their customers, especially those with high nicotine levels. The entire process for making the vapes while using nicotine salts was altered to accommodate more industries.
  • The 2018 TVPA regulations led to the opening of more stores that sold vapes across Canada. The delivery of products with high nicotine levels helps reach more clients, especially regular users.
  • An extensive range of improved and flavored vaping products has increased its popularity among the youths. There has been the introduction of specific flavors such as candy types which are a favorite among children and teens.

Recommended Preventive Measures

  • A regulatory balance that restricts particular vaping flavors with high nicotine levels, more so to the adult retail stores, has led to its popularity.
  • Change the marketing campaigns used to advertise the vaping flavors in the retail market. This will be very beneficial in cleaning up the market.
  • More findings of the disorders related to vaping and the use of cannabis products need to be reviewed.


With the reasons mentioned above, it is clear that the Canadian government paved the way for the accessibility and availability of vaping products in the markets. The most improved marketing strategies and campaigns have played a massive role in the vaping product’s popularity. However, the future of vaping can be changed by ensuring a balance that limits specific flavors, especially which reach the kids.

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