A Look Back at Canada’s CBD History

The healing properties of CBD and its benefits have been known for many years. However, CBD and other hemp commodities have only been legalized recently in Canada for public approval.

Remember the time, when you could not buy gummies anywhere? The first documented cannabis used for medicinal purposes was around 3000BC when a Chinese emperor called Sheng Nung used it. He used it to treat and cure some ailments such as malaria, gout, poor memory, and some physical challenges he was experiencing at the time.

During that time, cannabis was prevalent in Asia, particularly in India. It was also popular in other areas like the Middle East and Africa.

Historical documents indicate that people use cannabis due to its ecological healing components. Early physicists used cannabis as a pain reliever to treat ear-related problems and for women who were giving birth.

However, as modern medicine became incorporated, cannabis was not that recognized due to scientific evidence lacking.

CBD investigations began in the 1800s

In 1839, William B. O’Shaughnessy, an Irish medical investigator, and physicist made public a report outlining the benefits of cannabis, especially the relaxing effects. He indicated all the impacts it can have on the body upon consumption.

He later added that cannabis could be explored in the medical field in the future, particularly in relieving pain. What the researcher didn’t know during that time was that he had left open a door that would lead to the discovery of components called cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids discovery

During the early 1940s, after William B. O’Shaughnessy had published his findings, the research into discovering cannabinoids began. The advancement of technology was in progress, and through using modern equipment, researchers found that the cannabis plant had essential compounds.

The research led to the discovery of cannabinoids bonds CB1 and CB2. The discovery also led to the cannabinoid system being known, and researchers found that it had important influences on the human body.

After scientists made the discoveries, modern technology was used by researchers to investigate how cannabinoids have an essential function in the body, such as reducing pain.


According to Roger G Pertwee, the first finding of a particular cannabinoid was done in 1940 by Robert S. Cahn, a British scientist. Robert identified it as having formed before publishing the discovery.

After two years, Roger Adams, an American scientist, made history when he effectively obtained cannabidiol, commonly known today as CBD.

CBD rise in Canada

CBD was legalized in Canada in 2018. The government also legalized all products of CBD across the country for both recreational and medicinal use.

After the legalization process was done, it quickly led to research on how CBD could be used to treat deadly illnesses such as epilepsy and persistent pain in the human body. Due to the legalization, many people in Canada rely on CBD to treat insomnia, depression, anxiety, arthritis, and many more illnesses.

Awareness about CBD spread across the country due to many people sharing their stories of how CBD had impacted their lives positively.


Many ailments that disrupt people’s lives, such as insomnia and depression, are being dealt with effectively by discovering CBD. CBD will soon be widespread in Canada, with many people using the product, and in the future, it will be legalized by governments worldwide.

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