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Mission and Vision Statement

Vision Statement: The vision of the Lake of the Woods Museum is to contribute to a stronger community by inspiring a passion for our history, our diversity, and pride in our heritage.

Mission Statement: The Lake of the Woods Museum will achieve our vision by-

Being a historical centre of excellence;
Being well managed and financially sustainable;
Building partnerships and relationships;
Protecting our heritage and our collection of artifacts;
Representing our cultural diversity.

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Historians Share Their Research on the
La Verendrye and Father Aulneau Story
June 25 and June 26 @ 7pm
Learn more about the 2 part presentation and the presenters

In Our Temporary Exhibit Gallery

Honouring the Sacred Jingle Dress
July 1 - October 19 2019
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Kenora is the smallest town to ever win the Stanley Cup. A photograph of the winning team and a hockey stick used in the game are displayed to commemorate those players who, at the time, were described as that speedy bunch of scintillating puck chasers.