Rat Portage Becomes Kenora

Rat Portage Becomes Kenora  Vol. 15 No. 1by Lori Nelson Local legend has it that the town’s name was changed from Rat Portage to Kenora because the Maple Leaf Milling Company was reluctant to establish a mill here if it meant having to put the word rat on their flour...

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The Struggle for Daylight Savings Time

THE STRUGGLE FOR DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIMEVol. 13 No. 2by Lori Nelson Some sprang forward and others flatly refused to budge on May 1st, 1914 in the Town of Kenora. In answer to the questions; How would you like to get up an hour earlier in the morning and retire just...

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Did you know?

The Burley Mine was a single shaft gold mine that was sunk into a very small rock outcrop on the lake.  To stabilize the entrance the owners built cribbing around the rock.  The small, perfectly square island remains there to this day.

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