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Photo Reproduction and Conditions

Copies of photographs (either photographic or electronic) can be purchased from the Museum.

Taxes in addition.
4 x 5 – $8.00
5 x 7 – $15.00
8 x 10 – $25.00
11 x 14 – $40.00
16 x 20 – $60.00
Laser copies – $3.00
High res. scan – $10.00
negative – $7.00
This charge is incurred if a negative must be made for the photo reproduction. In this case, the negative fee is charged, but the negative is retained by the Museum.
Publication fee – $10.00 per image. NOTE: The publication fee is subject to adjustment, depending on use.

4 x 5 – $12.00
5 x 7 – $20.00
8 x 10 – $35.00
11 x 14 – $50.00
16 x 20 – $70.00


  1. The Lake of the Woods Museum reserves the right to determine which photographs may be reproduced.
  2. Photographs are provided for one-time use only, unless otherwise stated.
  3. The purchaser agrees to reimburse the Lake of the Woods Museum for reproductions, according to the price scales established by the Museum.
  4. The sale of photographs does not automatically include permission for their reproduction. Permission for reproductions must be obtained specifically and will be granted if the proposed use of the photograph meets with the approval of the Museum.
  5. Photographs may be ordered for research purposes and then released for publication by letter after payment of a publication fee.
  6. Permission to publish or further reproduce material is granted for a specific purpose or occasion and does not convey or transfer copyright in the original material to the requester.
  7. The researcher/purchaser assumes all responsibility under the terms of the Copyright Act for use made of images secured from the Lake of the Woods Museum.
  8. Photographs from the Lake of the Woods Museum must be credited to the Museum and should credit the original photographer where known.
  9. The author/publisher of any publication containing an illustration from the Lake of the Woods Museum shall provide one gratis copy to the Museum.
  10. Researchers are not allowed to copy photographs using their own cameras or other equipment.
  11. Photographs shall not be copied or incorporated into the collections of any archives, library, or other repository without the written permission of the Lake of the Woods Museum.
  12. Photographs shall not be retouched or altered in any way which would affect their historical or artistic integrity.
  13. Photographs cannot be supplied on approval or returned for credit.
  14. Advance payment is required for photographic reproductions.
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The Museum has the largest collection of Carl G. Linde photographs in existence. They number well over 1 000 and include images of Ojibwa life, sport, industry, lake life, launches, social happenings, transportation, Lake of the Woods, and much, much more.