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We love a good story at the Lake of the Woods Museum. We hope you do too. Here we provide you with a sampling of tales that highlight the significant, and sometimes not-so-significant, people, events, activities, locations, etc. of our community.

These stories were first published in our museum newsletter which is produced four times a year. If you would like to receive our newsletters in their entirety, please consider becoming a museum member. It’s one of the perks of a Lake of the Woods Museum membership.

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Historians Share Their Research on the
La Verendrye and Father Aulneau Story
June 25 and June 26 @ 7pm
Learn more about the 2 part presentation and the presenters

In Our Temporary Exhibit Gallery

34th Annual LOW Quilters Guild Show
May 28 - June 22 2019
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The Museum's newsletter goes out four times a year, and is full of updates on upcoming exhibits and events, museum news, giftshop updates, membership and donor info, as well as a feature article on the history of the Lake of the Woods.