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The Lake of the Woods Museum is pleased to assist educators by providing the resources, both material and archival, for enhancing the studentʼs experience of our local history. The Museum is also able to complement instruction in other curriculum areas, whether it be Language Arts, Fine Arts, Languages, Health, Mathematics, Science, or Social Sciences. If you have something particular in mind and can see the Museum assisting you in some way, please contact us to discuss your ideas.

Museum Visit:
We offer a range of educational possibilities here at the museum. We specialize in the history of Kenora and the Lake of the Woods, from the early people on the lake to the present day. Our onsite historians are also comfortable in speaking to the greater Canadian picture, ranging from the early people and explorers, to confederation, the settlement of the west and beyond.

Classroom Visit:
If your class cannot come to the museum, classroom visits can be arranged. There is no cost to a classroom visit, though it must be booked at least a week in advance of the scheduled time. Depending on the subject matter, the presentation would involve museum artifacts, archival photos, and greater contextual information.

Young Historians Program:
There is a lot to learn about in history class, but one of the most important things to learn is how to study history. Learning how to take primary documents, artifacts, and maps and interpreting them historically is a vital skill for aspiring historians. Using the museums artifact and archival collection we can teach high school age historians how to move away from only using secondary sources, and how to use all the tools in their historianʼs tool belt.

Museum Archive:
The museum has a huge collection of photographs chronicling the whole history of Kenora and the Lake of the Woods. These photos are available for teachers for use as educational aids in their classrooms. Please contact the museum for more details.

Samples of programs which have been offered by the Museum:
How to create an exhibit
Primary Source researching
Our Local War Brides
Indian Residential Schools
The Secret Life of Museums: What Do Museums Really Do?
Family Treasures
Dating Photographs
Local Heritage Architecture
and more.

Programs can be offered at the school or at the museum.

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Historians Share Their Research on the
La Verendrye and Father Aulneau Story
June 25 and June 26 @ 7pm
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In Our Temporary Exhibit Gallery

Honouring the Sacred Jingle Dress
July 1 - October 19 2019
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Kenora is the smallest town to ever win the Stanley Cup. A photograph of the winning team and a hockey stick used in the game are displayed to commemorate those players who, at the time, were described as that speedy bunch of scintillating puck chasers.