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Anna Janzen Koop

Mennonite Women of Courage and Faith

September 19 – November 4

September 19 – 7 – 8:30 pm

The Museum is pleased to host a project of the Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery of Winnipeg entitled Along the Road to Freedom: Mennonite Women of Courage and Faith. The exhibit tells the stories of mothers, daughters, grandmothers and  sisters who led their families out of persecution and suffering to lives of freedom and peace.

Many Mennonites living in Russia left, fled, or attempted to flee the chaos in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution and the horrors of Stalin’s persecution that followed. Many were led by women or girls and were part of the Great Trek in 1943 which, in the midst of war, wove its way from Mennonite colonies in south Russia (Ukraine) towards the west with the hopes of eventual freedom. 35,000 Mennonites fled in the Great Trek. Only 12,000 succeeded in their quest for sanctuary across the Atlantic.

Along the Road to Freedom reveals the stories of some of these Mennonite women through a series of 26 paintings by Ray Dirks. Each painting tells the story of one women, like Katherina Dirks Peters. The mother of five children, Katherina lost three young daughters to famine and disease. Her husband disappeared in the 1930s, taken by Stalin’s secret police and murdered. She left on the Great Trek with her two sons, both of whom died while fleeing. Katherina finally settled in Yarrow, British Columbia, poor and alone. Yet, she was remembered for her loving, peaceful and honest way of life that was a blessing to many.

While Along the Road to Freedom includes stories of great loss, persecution and suffering, the stories end, over and over  again, with love, kindness, selflessness, faith and even forgiveness.

In this current time of refugees fleeing from violence, political turmoil, and war, and finding refuge in Canada, these stories are particularly relevant.


November 6 – 10

In recognition of Treaty #3, the Museum will be displaying an original copy of the Treaty which is on permanent loan at the Museum by the National Archives. As well we will be inviting a traditional knowledge keeper to discuss the Treaty, its meaning then and its meaning to us today. We will have more information to share with you in the weeks ahead as plans are finalized but please mark this week on your calendar.


November 21-25

With the guidance of the Museum’s Indigenous Advisory Group, the Museum is partnering with our local school boards to present The Faceless Dolls Project, an art exhibit in memory of the more than 1,200 missing and murdered Aboriginal girls and women in Canada. This hands-on project allows participants to create a visual representation of these women who have become “faceless” victims of crime and to portray the personality and humanity of each. Students will be able to create their own doll. An exhibit of all dolls created will be on display at the Museum for one week only.

On Wednesday, November 22, members of the public will be invited to come to the Museum to create their own doll to add to the exhibit. All workshop materials will be provided, however, if people would like to bring their own decorative materials such as sequins, flowers, feathers, stickers, leaves, they are free to do so. We want you to be able to give beauty and individuality to each doll created. Also that evening, we will have Jazmin Romaniuk speak about the significance of the dolls and the importance of this commemorative project. There will also be an opportunity for people to give voice to their own connection to the tragedy of missing and murdered Aboriginal women.

We hope that you will join us for this significant and meaningful commemoration.


A Juried Exhibit of Photographs

December 5, 2017 – February 28, 2018

Opening – Tuesday, Dec. 5 @ 7 pm

In one final celebration of Canada’s 150 years, we are pleased to present the first photographic exhibit we have presented in a very long time. We have invited members of the public to submit photographs that say “Kenora” to them. Our jury of three local professionals will select the photographs to be exhibited.

We’re grateful to all those who have submitted photographs for this exhibit. We hope that it will be the first of many exhibits that will shine light on photography as an artistic medium.

Please join us for the opening of the exhibit on Tuesday, December 5 at 7 pm to meet the jury members and the photographers whose work is on display.


January – December 2017

It was in 1867 with the union of Canada (then a province made up of Ontario and Quebec), Nova Scotia and New Brunswick that the Dominion of Canada came into being. In the years since then, other jurisdictions have joined, resulting in today’s Canada of ten provinces and three territories. This year we celebrate 150 years of Canada!

The Museum has planned a number of events throughout the year that will highlight Canada’s 150. One of these events is an engagement exhibit where we ask you to contribute your thoughts on Canada. Every six weeks or so, we will pose another question and encourage you to drop by the Museum to have your say. As you contribute, the Celebration “wall” will be papered with your thoughts on a variety of Canadian icons.

You’ll not only want to contribute but we think you’ll be interested to read what everyone else thinks about Canada. Please stop in and keep coming back!

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