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The Lake of the Woods Museum Mobile Tour is an audio-visual tour of the Museum presented on an iPad (a hand-held computer).  The Mobile Tour provides background information about the Museum and its collection, and then, case-by-case, exhibit-by-exhibit, describes what you are seeing and provides an overview of the area’s history. The Mobile Tour includes video clips, archival photographs and stories by community members. The Mobile Tour is meant to provide you with information about the artifacts and photographs in the Museum so that you might have a better understanding and deeper appreciation for those who have preceded us.

The Mobile Tour iPads are available on loan for the duration of your visit to the Museum.

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The Kenora Great War Project Website

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The Organizing Committee of the Kenora Great War Project is pleased to announce there is now a dedicated website for project’s research, exhibit and other resources which have been gathered, written and presented over the last four years.

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Our Town Talks
Presentations by Braden Murray
February 21 @ 7pm
March 23 @ 2pm
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What is fun, interesting, delicious and held at the Lake of the Woods Museum?
We Are What We Eat 2019!!!
Saturdays, Feb 9, 16, 23 & Mar 2
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2050: our lakes, streams & climate
with Scott Higgins & Michael Paterson
March 5 @ 6:30 pm
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In Our Temporary Exhibit Gallery

An Exhibit of Large Scale
Rat Portage/Kenora
Town Images
January 17 - March 30, 2019
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The magnificent furniture displayed in the Victorian parlour came from the Machin family, who were involved in gold mining on Lake of the Woods. Most of the furniture came from Mrs. Machin's family, the Knights, from England, who owned diamond mines in South Africa.