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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Christmas 2017 Decorating and Open House
Bev Benoit
Joyce Blyth
Len Blyth
Ruth Bowiec
Robert Bulman
Susan Bulman
Leanda Chevrefils
Paul Chevrefils
Victoria Chevrefils
Kathy DeGagne
Linda Clark
Charito Galivan
Marg Gordon
Jen Harber
Janet Hartley
Pat Kornas
Jan Lindstrom
JoAnn Mark
Jennifer McKibbon
Glenda McMillan
Patty Nelson
Wendy Paton
Darlene Stepanik
Janet Thomas
Capital Campaign Cabinet Members
Susan Glass
Lisa Moncrief
Arni Thorsteinson
Joyce Berry
Joyce Blyth
Robert Bulman
Denise Forsyth
Holly Ann Friesen
Lynn Halley
Lisa Heimbecker
Carolyn Hursh
Larry Hursh
Eric Johnson
Bob Kozminski
Liz Kristjansson
Jan Lindstrom
Suzie Lount
Len Mark
Susan McLeod
John Moore
Roger Murray
Lori Nelson
Tori Newall
Jennifer Pyzer Whetter
Michael Radcliffe
Sandy Riley
Jason Stefanson
Gary Steiman
Dennis Wallace
We Are What We Eat Presenters 2017 & 2018
Jen Harber
Simo Lasreq
Dhouba Al Krad
Charito Galivan
Deanna Treadway
Maria Perron
Sandra Olafson
Jocelyn Laffin
Alicia Fillips
Simo Lasreq
Theresa Jamieson
Dan Yerxa
Kenora at 150 in Photographs Exhibit
Jade Lorimer
Colleen Serban
David White
Events, Administration, All Measure of Assistance
Lil Anderson
Bryan Halley
Deborah Hatfield
Kate Friesen Kroeker
Tracy Lindstrom
Barb Manson
Rod Rasmussen
Megan Strain
Betty Wires
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Our Town Talks
Presentations by Braden Murray
February 21 @ 7pm
March 23 @ 2pm
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What is fun, interesting, delicious and held at the Lake of the Woods Museum?
We Are What We Eat 2019!!!
Saturdays, Feb 9, 16, 23 & Mar 2
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2050: our lakes, streams & climate
with Scott Higgins & Michael Paterson
March 5 @ 6:30 pm
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In Our Temporary Exhibit Gallery

An Exhibit of Large Scale
Rat Portage/Kenora
Town Images
January 17 - March 30, 2019
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On display at the Museum are two dresses which belonged to Fanny McKeown, who married Joseph Derry in 1897. Joe Derry was a local speed skating champion and the future owner of two Kenora theatres.