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The Lake of the Woods Museum features three levels of exhibit space, organized along a rough timeline, beginning with pre-settlement, and taking the visitor up to the 1940s. Displays feature First Nations and fur trade artifacts, pioneer goods, industrial items, dioramas, all highlighting events and activities in the history of the area.

The Lake of the Woods Museum Mobile Tour will assist you on your self-guided tour through the museum. The Mobile Tour is an audio-visual tour of the museum presented on an iPad (a hand-held computer).  The Mobile Tour provides background information about the museum and its collection, and then, case-by-case, exhibit-by-exhibit, describes what you are seeing and provides an overview of the area’s history. The Mobile Tour includes video clips, archival photographs and stories by community members. The Mobile Tour is meant to provide you with information about the artifacts and photographs in the museum so that you might have a better understanding and deeper appreciation for those who have preceded us.

The Mobile Tour iPads are available on loan for the duration of your visit and are FREE to use!

Also available to assist you on your self-guided tour through the Lake of the Woods Museum is a printed Exhibit Guidebook which is updated annually as exhibits are changed. The guidebook, like the Mobile Tour, provides some background information about the museum and its collection. The guidebook, while not as detailed as the Mobile Tour, does describe each of the cases and exhibits in the museum. It too will provide you with an understanding and appreciation for the local history.

Museum copies of the printed guidebook are available on loan for your visit through the museum, however, they make wonderful souvenirs of your visit to the Lake of the Woods and are available for purchase at the museum giftshop.

Visitors should allow themselves approximately 45 minutes to complete a self-guided tour with the printed Exhibit Guide. The Mobile Tour provides 5 ½ hours of content so you may want to plan to visit more than once!


Guided tours are available for groups with pre-booking. Group rates are available. To arrange a tour for your group, please contact us.

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The Museum's collection features an impressive display of bead work, quill work, and silk embroidery.