Travel Again!

Summer is the perfect time for Canadians to travel again and see the nation’s beauty. A memorable trip should include trips to Canada’s different roadside attractions. Here are some roadside attractions as you take a trip on Canada’s highway.

The Earth’s Largest Dinosaur in Drumheller, Alberta

A 26-meter tall Tyrannosaurus rex that is found in Alberta’s badlands will without doubt captivate your mind. This enormous creature welcomes its visitors to take a step into its mouth to see the Red Deer valley.

The Huge Hockey Stick in Duncan, B.C.

Of course, you will find a gigantic hockey stick in Canada. It is a 62- meter tall twig shining brightly in a Community Center in Cowichan Duncan, B.C.

The Giant Mosquito in Komarno, Manitoba

People believe that Manitoba has two seasons: the mosquito and the winter seasons. This bug stands at 5-meter in Manitoba, which pays tribute to mosquitos that have inevitably become a part of the people in Manitoba’s lives.

The Large Nickel in Sudbury, Ontario

This great coin is 9-meter tall shining over a museum in Sudbury, Ontario: Dynamic Earth Museum. It is a steel replicating a Canadian five-cent nickel from 1951. Additionally, the Large Nickel weighs over 13,000 kg, making it as heavy as a typical school bus.

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