The Finalists for Excellence in Teaching in 2020

Teachers from all over Canada are recognized by the governor for their efforts in teaching history. We are proud to announce the 16 teachers who deserved their recognition as listed in the Governor General’s History Awards.

These teachers showcased their practices by creating unique learning experiences, supporting research and analytic thinking, integrating historical concepts, and accepting Indigenous worldviews and perspectives.

Founded in 1996, this event gives honor to six teachers who are part of the list. So, congratulations to the following finalists:

  • Aicha Salah from JMA Armstrong High School, Salisbury, NB
  • Chris Young from Kelvin High School, Winnipeg, MB
  • Christian Ganev from East York Collegiate Institute
  • David Lynch from St. Michaels University School, Senior School, Victoria, BC
  • Dawn Martens from Buchanan Park Public School, Hamilton, ON
  • Dominique Laperle from Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie, Montréal, QC
  • Francis Lalande from Collège Citoyen, Lavel, QC
  • Ian Duncan from Garth Webb Secondary School
  • Kristian Basaraba from Salisbury Composite High School
  • Maureen Kelly Gibson from Calgary Academy
  • Marie-Claude Monette from Collège Citoyen, Laval, QC
  • Marjorie Gil from De la Voliere, St-Colomban
  • Matthew Ogilvie from JMA Armstrong High School, Salisbury, NB
  • Nathan Tidridge from Waterdown District High School, Waterdown, ON
  • Rémi Lavoie from Paul-Hubert, Rimouski, QC
  • Tienneke Calder from Calgary Academy
  • Tommy Guénard from Centre matapédien d’études collégiales

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