A recent research study conducted at the University of Waterloo by Professor David Hammond divulged that trendy and cool new juices coming out all the time caused smoking cases among the young adults 16 -19 years old have dramatically escalated from 2017 to 2018 by seventy-four percent even though great steps were adopted in reducing youth smoking.

What is the mystique of vape?

Vape devices were initially designed as a means to quit hard-core adult smokers from smoking and wean the nicotine habit. It was promoted as a healthier and modern way of smoking.

On November 21, 2019, Canadian Medical Association Journal published an awakening article that reported the case of a Canadian teen who suffered fatal bronchiolitis linked to the use of an electronic cigarette. The authors highly recommended the public specifically the parents and their child to educate themselves about the perils of vaping. They also proposed the implementation of urgent changes concerning the strict regulation of e-cigarettes among minors.

Vaping is the act of breathing in a vapor aerosol from a vape device or an e-cigarette. The output is the aerosol or vape produced by the combustion of a liquid or oil which looks like smoke.

These electronic liquids in vape products are composed mostly of vegetable glycerin-based liquid substance or propylene glycol mixed with pleasant flavorings to entice the individual. Other ingredients may include cannabis oils, nicotine, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, or other illegal drugs perfectly combined to create a cocktail.

What’s the consequence?

The use of vape devices was incipiently initiated as one of the approaches for adult smokers to stop smoking and to wean themselves from the oral smoking habit. Some adolescents and young adults experimented by using e-cigarettes to help them stop the unhealthy habit but it was exclusively marketed for the adult populace. It is considered unsafe and life-threatening particularly for young adults, teens, pregnant women, and non-smokers.

Some vape products were allowed to add nicotine and its’ levels vary in every e-cigarette. The exposure of young adults and teenagers is very alarming because nicotine is extremely destructive and addictive. It can greatly affect a person’s impulse control, memory, concentration, consequently causes destructive behavioral and cognitive changes and problems.

It also predisposes the vulnerable youngster to inevitable nicotine dependency and possibly to other illegal and harmful drugs like heroin, cocaine, etc. The other kinds of inhalation products will spark curiosity and interest and entice teens and young adults in experimenting with other substances. These young kids will eventually form an addiction to these detrimental and deadly substances particularly when these are perfectly mixed like cocktail preparations.

Spot signs and symptoms that your child is using an e-cigarette:

The paraphernalia used for e-cigarette is very small and handy, it can be hidden inside a hoodie or any pocket. Closely monitor the following signs:

Red eyes, increased appetite and thirst, and nosebleeds

Equipment such as e-liquids, USB sticks, cigarettes with attached chambers or mouthpieces, pipes, and any inhaling device

Unexplained scents such as lemon pie, chocolate or bubble gum, etc.

Unusual online purchases on credit cards

Cannabis oils or dried cannabis

Texting of jargon vape words like JUUL, APV (Advanced Personalized Vaporizer, “sauce”, juice or “Atty” (atomizer)


Vape devices and E-cigarettes are considered unsafe and detrimental to the health of young adults and teens. They are the most susceptible populace that loves to experiment with anything.

Guardians and parents need to recognize the essential signs that your child is using the vape. Do not shout, punish, or push them away from you. Let them understand and recognize the destructive health effects of these vape devices. We don’t want to waste the lives of our children with these harmful and unhealthy vaping habits.

Parents and guardians must persistently maintain open and honest communication with their children and promote a non-judgmental, supportive, caring, and loving environment. Never hate your child, this is one of their most crucial and susceptible stages in life where they need continued guidance, support, and understanding.

Let them quit vaping and save their precious lives!

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